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Did you misplace your previous year’s income taxes? Lake Financial Services can help you get a copy of the year (or year’s) that you need.  Knowing the proper steps to request an IRS file, who to contact and how long it will take is a process we are very familiar with. 

Why would you need to get a copy of a prior tax return?  In some cases, a copy has been lost, damaged, left behind in a move or is incomplete.  Having accurate and complete copies of specific year’s tax returns are often required for personal loans, mortgage applications or even for rental agreements. If you need help getting a duplicate copy of your tax return and/or need help interpreting the information in the tax file to help navigate any potential issues, please feel free to contact Lake Accounting & Tax LLC.

IRS disputes can be a big headache, should you receive a notification from the IRS regarding an audit, non-filed or back taxes, payroll problems or a lien, contact Lake Accounting & Tax LLC immediately for a consultation. Our CPAs will work with the IRS to reach a solution, whether it’s an Offer in Compromise or a payment plan.

If you have questions about this topic or in general, please call us at 203-634-7549 or click the button below to set up a free consultation. We’re here to help you solves your financial questions.

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